Fralinger’s Fudge

Our fudge is slow-cooked in copper kettles with all-natural butter, cream, chocolate and crunchy walnuts. You can pick from one of our standard assortments or choose-your-own flavors.

In the early 1900s, Great-Grandma Fralingers was on a quest to perfect her caramels recipe. Hard at work one morning, she tested a new batch by adding extra cream and butter to the simmering blend in her copper kettle. Once the mixture cooled, Great-Grandma Fralingers was amazed to find that her caramels weren’t caramels but a new smooth, rich confection. She called Mr. Fralinger into the kitchen to give it a try. Upon his delight at his first bite she knew in an instant Fralinger’s Fudge was born. Fralinger’s Fudge is brought to you today the way it has always been made…cooked in original copper kettles, stirred to perfection and ever so delicious.